Fellowship Secretariat : 2014 Awards


Awards were made for all 9 undergraduate and postgraduate bursaries. 

In view of the large number of deserving applicants for the Fellowship Awards, it was decided to retain the number of additional Fellowship Student Aid bursaries at 5. Free SAAWG membership for one year will be given to all of the Fellowship awardees.

Johannesburg Branch:
University of the Witwatersrand  / SAAWG 2013 Postgraduate Awards


Natural Sciences:

Ms Despora Zoros, B.Sc. cum laude                                 

Human Sciences:

Ms Nicara Young, B.Com. cum laude

The Jubilee Book Prize for the Best Woman First Year Student in the Faculty:

Ms Fatema Jagot

Johannesburg Branch AEC Grade 12 Bursary 2014:

Judith Boshomane,

St Mary's School, Johannesburg