In this 20th year of democracy in South Africa it is  appropriate that the South African Association of Women Graduates has published its 90th anniversary book detailing
the changing South African context within the fields of, inter alia, politics, social and family life, economics and education, with special reference to changes in
the status of women over the years.


What has been achieved regarding the status of women and education – and what are the challenges we still face?



Rights and Wrongs in this land of ours records in great detail how South Africa was viewed and experienced by its members during the period 1930 – 2013.  The writings come from the actual Journals published by the Association since 1930 and are contained in 430 engrossing pages. 

The articles are provided under various themes such as Human Rights, Status of Women/Feminism, Politics and the Law, Transformation and Peace, Education, Community and Family Life,  The Economy and Workplace,  Science and Technology, Reproductive Health / Medicine and Psychology, Cultural Issues, History and Historical Research as well as some Book Reviews and Poetry.  It includes a chapter on ways in which SAAWG has responded to these changing circumstances over the years.

While many are pondering why “Gender has been left off the Agenda”, this publication will clarify the need which still exists for the disaggregation of statistics to enable and ensure in-depth gender analysis.

Because the articles are reproduced from the Association’s Journal they are both well written and well researched,   but are also easy reading. This book will be invaluable both for leisure reading, as well as reference material for people in the pursuit of academic research.  Many of the articles together with the time scale provided offers opportunities to be used as case studies that could be applied to current or future situations.  Furthermore, readers in developing countries in Africa and elsewhere would, no doubt, find it interesting to see how South Africa has addressed certain developmental and transitional problems.

The material contained within these pages is Informative, Insightful, and inspirational. The long history of the Association of its voluntary service in the field of gender equality is in itself inspirational.



Information about the book:


Editorial Board:

Peggy Impson

Hazel Bowen

Shirley Churms

ISBN No:  978-0-620-60271-6


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